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Re: Saddleright pad

I bought the leather dressage pad.  Beautifully made, nice leather.  I also tried
the thin wood pad for underneath it next to the horse, but it just scoots out from
under the saddle.  I decided against the felt pad because I like to be able to
easily clean my pads.  The main purpose of a pad for an English type saddle with
panels and stuffing, IMO, is to keep the underside of your saddle clean and dry.
This assumes that your saddle fits properly.  If it doesn't, the pad isn't going to
fix the fit, especially if its the same thickness all over.

My gripe with the woolback Toklat pads is that they are not contoured to the shape
of the horse's back.  So its difficult to pull them up into the gullet and have
them stay there.  They alway end up wiggling down onto the horse's withers and
applying pressure.  Is this what's happening with your pad?


Regards,  Susan

L. Susan Brown-Leger         Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department
email:                    Mail Stop #25, Clark 413
phone: 508-289-3246                Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
fax:   508-457-2193                                Woods Hole, MA 02543

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