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Re: Re: Re: Spooking and other problems you have asked me about....

Tracey says:

Tracey said:

I do understand your point, and agree that the round pen might, with some
horses, be a good place to start.  What I don't agree with is the technique
of imitating an "alpha" horse with a recalcitrant herd member, running the
horse around the pen until it submits, and then "allowing" it to come in to
you.  I can't see how this would lead to any deeper bond than would simply
spending loads and loads of time with the horse doing things the horse

Tracey---from the above statement and several more you have's
apparent that you don't understand what it is these guys are doing with the
horses in the round pen or at the end or a line...just as a person can't
possibly understand dressage until they get out and do it...or you can't really understand what these natural horseman
people are doing until you take the time to experience it first hand...
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