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Re: Spooking and other problems....

>Not weird at all:  like  most horses, he seeks leadership.  When you're
alone, he accepts you as the leader.  In company, he prefers another horse
to be leader.  Changing that is what those trendy training techniques are
aiming for.>

I've thought about that, but the problem is that he doesn't always follow
other horses - very often he just goes "nope, don't like where they're
going" and puts the brakes on - sometimes when they're heading HOME!!!!.

What I've found with him is that, if he balks at something and we're with
other horses, he won't accept ANYONE as leader : not them, not me.  If I
leave it, and take him back there when we're on our own, he will generally
follow me, or go himself, sometimes.  Very weird - very irritating!  It's
almost like he's saying "I will not go where these other horses are going,
and I'm damned if I'm going to let them see me follow YOU, woman, so just
climb back in the saddle where you belong and we'll just mosey along this
path.  If they want to follow, it's up to them, if not, tough!".  He's not
terribly social, our Toc.

>Some time ago someone posted a HYSTERICAL spoof, "When Your Horse Can't
Hear Ya".  I have it archived; I will forward it privately (Keep Ridecamp
Clean) to anyone who asks.  I've read it 20 times and it still makes me

Oh, please send it!

>I'm happy to have Marv here, too!>

Not sure at this stage whether Marv's all that happy to be here!


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