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Re: Re: kiger mustangs

> I've gotten a few responses on Kigers/spanish mustangs and
> the concencus seems to be tough, tough and very tough
> little horses. Not top ten material, but not alot of info.
> on the arab crossed with the kigers.

Not that I have a Kiger........but I do have a mare that is cross of Arab
(crabbet-kellog lines) sire, out of a Pryor Mtn. mustang mare.  She is 14.3;
big boned and stocky.  Loves to go, but not sure yet how she will do
compared to the Arabs........really neat mare though with very comfortable
gaits.  Down side is that she doesn't move very straight, paddles badly in
front, but, hey, doesn't fall down!  Added bonus is she is a very splashy
grulla-buckskin pinto.

A friend of mine had a BLM mustang gelding, dun, with zebra stripes.  What
she noticed is that he was more spooky (always looking at things), and just
did not have much get-up-and-go.  He did not really want to be an endurance

Possible a cross of a mustang with Arab would be good.......but
conformations have to be compatable, and many mustangs are basically just
"grade" horses.

The Kiger mustangs I saw on the BLM adoption site looked lean and
streamlined; all the "domestic" i
bred ones I have seen are typically 14 to 14.2, and chunky.

Keep an eye on the BLM auction sites-they occasionally have Kigers for sale,
and they often get several thousant for them!

 I also had a few
> people who didn't know what I meant by a kiger mustang, so
> here is the url where a few of their stallions are
> advertised;
> thanks again for the responses
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