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BOD Meeting Policy

To answer some of the comments about how AERC Board meetings are
conducted, let me share this experience. When I was LD Chairperson I
went to the mid-year meeting to propose changes based on the National LD
survey. The survey took over a year to complete. My committee always
prepared for meetings prior to the actual meeting via email, fax, and
phone. No meeting was held just prior to the BOD meeting as suggested by
Bob Morris. I  know committees do business this way but I felt it wasn't
fair to committee members who could not be present at the meeting.
    At the BOD meeting, Maggy Price who was Chairperson of Competitions
Committee proposed we change LD to 0-49 miles. No one asked the LD
committee for it's opinion. I was told that the Competitions Committee
thought this up the day before and did not have time to ask! After about
20 minutes of discussion, the board passed the motion.The motion was
reversed by a membership vote and LD is now 25-35 miles. During the time
span between the motion and the reversal, the Rules Committee had to
rewrite all LD rules which were rewritten again upon reversal.
      I have been Chairperson and Board member for several non-profit
corporations. I am CEO of a corporation at present. I have never been
involved with any corporation that would pass such a proposal without
reviewing it for 30 days. Any corporation that is dependent upon
membership funding or donations owes it's members this consideration.
There will always be issues that demand immediate action. Any major
policy change can wait.The AERC BOD receives a note book with
information about issues on the agenda. All committee chairpersons
should be required to submit all proposals in writing in advance to the
AERC office so they can provide board members with the information 30
days prior to the meeting. It may not be as easy as putting something
together at the last minute but it's the right way to do business.
Sue Grahl
Candidate for Director at Large

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