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Accident prom Horse

Hey Ridecampers,
Have any of you out there come across  accident prom horses?
Well I have my cousin went to Yellow Stone for a week and brought her
Mare over for us to take care of. She is very BIG she also has an attitude 
with my mom's and mine's horse.
When she arrived she and my mom's horse were running all over the place
having a ball. Well when she and Polaris (my horse) sniffed each other threw 
the fence she went ape shit and went jumping and bucking everywhere. We were 
afraid she was going to hurt my mom's horse and her self.
Well the settled down but she still had daggers for Polaris he did'nt care 
by the way.
Well early on saturday morning she and my mom's horse started up again 
galloping everywhere and kicking.
Polaris decided he had enough of that bitch squealing and kicking at him 
threw the fence. So he put his ears back and  bared his teeth at her.
Well she backed up to the gate that sperates the two pens and just kicked 
the crap out of it. Well she got her foot stuck. We were all alseep in my 
house but my neighbor saw it.
When I went out to feed my neighbor told me what happened so I went out to 
look at her and the cut was very deep so we called the vet and he came out 
in about 5 minutes.He told us that he has seen this horse so many times 
threw the years that dealing with her was like old hat to him. He druged her 
up and had to sitch up the wound. She does the samething 2 or 3 times that 
day again.
Well this morning we changed the bandage and aired it out.
This afternoon she kicked at my mom's horse and Polaris.
Her fetlock swelled up so bad that we had to call the vet again.
We told him what she had been doing and he said we had 2 choices we could 
bandage the whole leg or take her to the equine hospital and have her stay 
there till she was ok again.
So we thought about how our cousin would past out when she got the vet bill 
when she returns from yellow stone or just bandage it and wait and see how 
it is tommarow.
But on a personal note my fences are ruinned she had cribbed almost to 
peices. My gate is dented and lopsided.
Can anyone out there simpithize with me? Or share a simalar experiance?
Colleen K. (Who is about to take this mare home wether no one is there or 
Breezy (I hate you Polaris so I am still going to try and kick the gate and 
the fence.)
Oz  (  Can't we all just get along)
Polaris ( Breezy get over it I am older and wiser then you so Shut Up!)
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