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Need advice and taking a poll

Hi everyone. I'll try to make this short. Some friends of mine and myself are 
planning on putting on the Celebration Ride here in Peninsula, Ohio in June. 
The women who ran it before decided to not do it next year. We're allowed to 
change or do whatever we want. It'll be June 8th thru the 11th. I've never 
done this before and would like to know if anyone has any advice, opinions 
and/or some fun ideas and fun prizes I could get. What are your most favorite 
awards you've gotten? And, would you attend this ride? We want to do either a 
2-day 100 endurance race (no 1 day 100!), or 2-day 50 mile endurance race, 
also a 25 mile CTR all on Sat. and Sun. and on Sun. a 15 mile novice.
I appreciate anything anyone can offer. I'm looking for an endurance ride 
mngr. and possibly a CTR ride mngr. This ride has been a lot of fun in the 
past but has never had an endurance ride. Our local Ohio Horsemen's Council 
puts this on and we go by a budget so I'm trying to save by getting more 
donations and volunteers so we could spend more on great prizes. I already 
have 3 volunteers wanting to do the food for Sat. dinner, some dumpsters 
donated for manure,  a couple of friends would do the t-shirts and another 
friend would bake muffins and cookies for the mornings before the rides. 
Would anyone on ridecamp be interested in riding in this ride? Would anyone 
seriously consider coming here to ride in it?  Please answer as I'm having a 
meeting Wed. with some of the people helping to put this on. Thank you. You 
may answer me either privately at or on ridecamp.   Deb
P.S. Am I nuts or what? Don't answer that. 

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