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RE: New Trailer!!!!!

Tell hubby that his motorcycle will fit into it and he will be able to sleep
out on the trail in it. Then add on that the ATV will also fit in the rear
stalls when he wants to go hunting!.

Bob Morris

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Karen Sweaney
Hi all!  This may not be a big deal to most of you,
but for some of you I am sure that you can relate!
My husband finally agreed to the purchase of a new
horsetrailer!  I have been asking, pleading, and
rationalizing for four years now, and he finally gave
the go ahead!

Initially we didn't have a truck big enough to pull a
trailer so that purchase was first.  In June, our
new truck arrived, much to hubby's delight.  We
bought a 2000 Ford Super Duty F250 with 4 wheel
drive and crew cab (4 doors).  I spent the
entire summer discussing a trailer purchase
with him and explaining why it was fair that
I get to spend thousands of OUR dollars to
benefit ME!  You can imagine why it took so
long to convince him!

Anyway, I finally ordered the trailer
on Tuesday!  Did I mention
that it is my first horsetrailer?  I have been
going to rides for nearly five years now
with my extremely generous friends!
Thank you Marci Cunningham, Mitchell family, and
Kathy Garner.

I ordered a GN two horse Trailswest with
rear tack and living quarters!  I can't believe
that I will now be able to shower,
open the frig, or cook something, all without
fighting the wind and bugs!  I have slept in
the back of the trailer and hunkered
down in a wind buffeted tent many times.  How
nice this is going to be!  I simply can't wait
to ride another gruelling 100 miles knowing that a
shower is waiting for me!

As with anything good, I still have to
wait a bit longer for it!  It'll be about
7 weeks before they deliver it to me.
I am hoping it'll be here in time for my
last ride on the season - Sunland.  If it
doesn't get here in time, it'll be ready for 2001!

Karen Sweaney

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