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Re: Sheath Cleaning

Sandy Bolinger said:
>Made it through better than half my life without ever cleaning a sheath---
>Hundreds of horses and dozens of
>mules in my fifty years---never cleaned a sheath and never had a
>problem...sounds like a WHOLE  lot of fun, however....I just might have to
>give it a try  ;o](after I brush all my horses teeth)

Never had a male horse *clank* his way around an quiet arena in front of
witnesses before, have you?  (VBG)  Always a show-stopper in those big-time
dressage classes. . . I have also heard it at a few trail rides as well,
and had a big laugh as people re-checked their tack to find out what was
loose and clanking.

It's so much fun watching people say to one another: 'what's making that
noise?' and then the looks on their faces when they find out.

As for never, ever doing it, the vast majority of horses don't need it.
However, having the vet out should your male horse get a 'big bean problem'
(or heaven forbid, a blockage) is a real, real big deal and usally involves
sedatives all around.  Not to mention, antibiotics and really, really,
pained looks from all male humans present for the next several weeks.

I'd rather just clean and know for sure there's no problem.

Thanks to whomever posted those directions.  Having done the aformentioned
deed for my own gelding, I was laughing pretty hard at the excellent

I look forward to passing them on.

Tara Wheeler
"She is the virgin harlot. She is vulgar, witty, knowlegable to a depth
that terrifies, cruel when she is most kind, unthinking while she thinks,
and when she seeks to build, she is as destructive as the corriolis storm."
Bijas from 'Dune Messiah' speaking about Alia and

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