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Re: cross breeding horses(was Arab/ Percheron cross)

It seems to me that the European warmblood breeders have had the right idea
for a very long time.  This is a gross simplification, but they pretty much
ignored the "breed", picked out horses with the qualities of conformation,
temperament, trainability and conformation they wanted and went to it.
Obviously some errors along the way, and the resulting horses aren't
necessarily everyone's cup of tea for every riding discipline, but IMO,
their horses are among the most consistent in quality.  At least, you
certainly don't see as many warmbloods going into backyard auction sales and
off to slaughter houses as you do other "purebreds".  Anyway, always made
sense to me to breed the best to the best, look at bloodlines for discerning
consistency in quality and ignore most of what "papers" will tell you past
the most recent one or two generations.  But, that's JMHO.

So, along the same likes, who knows anything about getting Arab crossbreds
approved by any of the warmblood societies?  Just curious.

susan g
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> Or you can get the BEST of both breeds!
> We are breeding Canabians - Putting  Canadien studs on Arabian mares -
> the result so far has been wonderful - quiet Canadien minds in Arabian
> bodies with added bone and a bit more muscle.  Easy to halter train,
> quiet.  While we normally would not ride them till three, a seven year
> old was riding  our 15 month old gelding bareback in the paddock last
> week.  The gelding loved it.  Mind you, he lets us lay on him when he is
> laying down in the pasture.
> So you can get the best of both breeds.
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