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RC: hot

> >     Just got home from work - it's ll:00 p.m.  Beautiful full moon -
> fabulous > riding moon - BUT - it's still 93 degrees, very hi humidity
and > absolutely no > breeze.  Bummer.

Tell me about it, I was stacking hay by myself until midnight.  I'm going
to have to start a support group for compulsive hay buyers. I really
pretty much had my hay in for the year...the guy calls and he'll be
baling on one of the hottest days this husband has an injured
wrist he's getting x-rayed today and my girls aren't, I told
him I'd like 100 bales.  The guy's baler isn't baling very consistantly.
The first bales are kind of small and light, *all* of them have one tight
string, one loose string so I have to flip them, and then the last bales
were HUGE! (No, it wasn't just my imagination) They were a great buy
since they made exactly 1 and a half of a regular bale, but were heck to
stack. Got home and thought I'd park it and unload it after work until
they said the forecast was 98 degrees with high humidity and would feel
like 105 thus the moonlight stacking party.  But, it sure smells good in
the barn!

First competition of the fall is next Saturday. No way I'll ride him if
the weather's like this.

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