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Re: RC: hot

The smoke cleared a little the other day---so I thought I'd Finally go for a
ride(away from the fires!)  then I remembered that  they have completely
shut down public and private land to ANY form of recreation---I considered
sneaking out---hiding under trees when ever the water-drop helicopters fly
over--but then it would be just myluck to be picked up on one of their heat
sensor machines and then have a slurry plane fly over and drop a million
tons of slurry on me and my pony!!(slurry is a kind of liquid fertilizer
that somehow puts out fires) SOOO..I guess there will be no riding until it
snows :o[[[[[[[[[[ (I'd have to trailer over 200 miles in order to ride
somewhere where they haven't shut everything down.)

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> > >     Just got home from work - it's ll:00 p.m.  Beautiful full moon -
> > fabulous > riding moon - BUT - it's still 93 degrees, very hi humidity
> and > absolutely no > breeze.  Bummer.
> Tell me about it, I was stacking hay by myself until midnight.  I'm going
> to have to start a support group for compulsive hay buyers. I really
> pretty much had my hay in for the year...the guy calls and he'll be
> baling on one of the hottest days this husband has an injured
> wrist he's getting x-rayed today and my girls aren't, I told
> him I'd like 100 bales.  The guy's baler isn't baling very consistantly.
> The first bales are kind of small and light, *all* of them have one tight
> string, one loose string so I have to flip them, and then the last bales
> were HUGE! (No, it wasn't just my imagination) They were a great buy
> since they made exactly 1 and a half of a regular bale, but were heck to
> stack. Got home and thought I'd park it and unload it after work until
> they said the forecast was 98 degrees with high humidity and would feel
> like 105 thus the moonlight stacking party.  But, it sure smells good in
> the barn!
> First competition of the fall is next Saturday. No way I'll ride him if
> the weather's like this.
> Angie
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