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need a place to stay

HI, I'm planning on going to the Charity Cup ride and am looking for a place to
stop for the night somewhere along I35 in N. Iowa or Southern MN.  All we need
is a place to park our gooseneck with living quarters need a large turnout pen
or arena for two horses to stay in overnight.  I'd appreciate it if anyone had
any suggestions or ideas of where to stay.  I prefer not to put the horses in
stalls overnight.  Two smaller pens would also work.  Also if anyone has any
pros or cons about the Charity Cup ride in MN.  I'd appreciate it.  Looking for
a scenic ride that is fun and friendly.  It is the closest multiday ride for us
so that is where we plan to go.  I hear it is tough and hilly but we are from
the Ozarks and used to slow 50's with lots of hills.  We plan on leaving Tues.
Sept. 29 and arrive at the ride site Wed. aftenoon Sept. 30.  Thanks for your
help.  Happy Trails,  Kathy from Arkansas

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