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Certainly eliminating the cookies and so forth is
the place to start, but with windows as your
operating system it is recommended that from time
to time (at least once a year) you should just
back up all the important stuff and clear off the
entire hard drive and start from scratch.

If you are just doing email and simple things you
may be fine with just doing the cookie thing,
defragging, etc., but when doing "higher-end"
things like publishing 4-color magazines, windows
will reliably lock up several times a session and
rebooting it the only answer... after a month or
so of doing this you end up with corrupted
programs and clearing off the hard drive and
starting anew is the only answer.

The Mac is another solution, but I discovered from
a friend that they don't call their machines
"crash-in-toshes" for nothing. :)

However, I've discovered another answer and am
setting up a new computer with Linux. Virus free,
true multi-tasking, faster on a slower (read
older) machine than Windows on the fastest machine
available, doing more... will let you know how it
works as I go along... email privately if

Toni and O'Biwon
Central Oregon

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