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Re: RC: computers

Hi Sandy
I believe Gateway is the company that advertises that they stand behind
their product. If you have defraged lately (it does sound like a
fragmentation problem), then I would go back to Gateway. If you haven't
then go to accessories, system tools, and then disk defragmenter. Your
level should never be lower that 96%; if you are more than 4%
fragmented, you will experience problems like you are describing.

> Sandy Bolinger wrote:
> not endurance related---do computers get tired? Seems like if mine has
> been on for awhile it starts doing more and more strange things and
> does everything slower and slower until it finally seizes up
> completely and I have to turn it off and start over...It's a six-month
> old Gateway...where can I take it for a tune up?...someplace where
> they can undo all the mistakes I've programmed into the thing---and
> also hook up my printer for me---Is there some place like that???a Mr.
> good wrench of computers???And why does it make these whirling noises
> when I'm not doing's starting to make me nervous!

Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov
(yes, REALLY!)

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