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Re: Rest areas/ unloading livestock

I have done it for years and years.  Never had a problem however we park
away from everyone and clean up all messes.  We off load some at large gas
stations also and same applies, clean up after.  Orion almost always pees
within the first 5 minutes so maybe we are faster than the patrols..

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From: "John Proudman GGPL B-262" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2000 1:34 PM
Subject: RC: Rest areas/ unloading livestock

> I've been told that it is illegal to unload horses at ANY rest area on
> ANY Interstate highway in ALL states.  I haven't checked the individual
> state laws to be sure, but I now always pull off the interstate to
> exercise the horses.  I'd be interested if there are states where
> unloading horses in a rest area on the interstate is permitted.
> John
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