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Thanks, Jeri.

I spoke to my farmer the other day, and he said that, although he does not
supply oat hay, he knows that it is really popular at the racing yards - one
yard he knows of only feeds oat hay, when it is in season.  A friend of mine
is a jockey at that particular yard, and their horses always look stunning -
very fit, fatter than some racehorses, but tend to do better for it.

Dont' know the nutritional content, but my horses love it and Piglet is
FINALLY putting on weight.  Toc also isn't getting any hotter, so I'm hoping
to keep feeding it until Summer, when I can put them back onto Teff and

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>Here in WA state the gal I used to board with fed alfalfa/grass mix hay in
>the winter when there was no pasture, and the horses would chew the barn
>as they finished their hay and had nothing to do when the weather was too
>wet/nasty to turn out all the time.  So she got oat hay, which was cheaper
>and fed a smaller amount of alf/grass and lots of oat.  It didn't seem to
>make them fat or hot, and gave them something to chew on all day.  Don't
>what the actual food value is compared to other types of forage, and this
>was cut fairly late, after the milk stage.  Horses liked it a lot when
>was nothing to do, less when pasture started to come in.  Don't know if
>helps.  jeri
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