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Re: RC: Rides on Sunday?

> I've been looking at the ride calendar from the AERC website and noticed
> that there are several rides in the NE and a few in the SE that seem to take
> place on Sunday.  (Aside from multi-days)  Just for example: Elk Valley
> (July 9, 2000), Northeast Challenge (August 6, 2000), Liberty Run (May 28,
> 2000).  Are these correct, or is the ride calendar not up to date and is
> reflecting previous dates and just changes the year?  Or perhaps things got
> messed up cause of leap year?
> Another thing that's weird is that Big South Fork is being reported as Sept
> 7-9, 2000.  That's Thursday-Saturday.  True?
> If these particular rides *aren't* on Sundays, are there rides that do take
> place on Sunday? Other than multidays?  Can anybody speak for CTR or NATRC
> rides?
> Thanks,
> April

All the rides you mentioned ARE multi-day rides... some rides are also
scheduled to avoid conflicts, such a days when hunters can be out there
with you!!!  Others are scheduled to allow travel time (such as Labor
Day weekend when most can drive home on Monday).

Teddy Lancaster

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!  We will be away from August 11 through September 1
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We will not be able to fill most of your orders during this period.
Ed will be at the office to help fill standard orders on a very limited

Hopefully, we will be able to access e-mail from France and post to
during this period to keep you updated.  Hopefully as well, we will be
to upload photos to our website so you may SEE part of this event.

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