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Hi, I told someone earlier that I like to write poems about horses/ endurance 
riding..I have one about a tevis adventure too that i wrote for my friend.  I 
have given my friends poems about their horses as gifts and they all seem to 
love them...some of them even cry...I love it :)
Anyhoo, I have this poem about endurance riding that I wanted to share with 
you guys...just promise that you wont steal it or claim it for your own or do 
something dumb like that.  I trust that most endurance riders are nice folk 
and have better things to do (like ride their horses ) than steal some kid's 
poem.. so here goes.

You cant help but want to go
to each of these events
You need a horse to make it so
Plus ice chests, food and tents

You wake up at the crack of dawn
and saddle up your horse
you ride your pony all day long,
trotting the dusty course

This challenge is only for the brave
and those horses who are sound
If your horse is sick or out of shape
he'll quickly wither pound by pound

Sometimes you wish the vets were dead
but remember, its for the best
You've got to think of your horse's health
and forget about the rest

You've been riding many hours straight
in it through thick and thin
because you know the motto of this sport
"To Finish Is To Win"

-thank you, thank you very much!!!
:) well, what do you think, I wrote that one about a year and a half ago and 
read it at the awards ceremony at one of our local rides.  It got printed in 
our news letter too!!  too bad writing poems won't let me rake in  the 
dough!!!  I'll have to find something else to do.

    Check it Out!    

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