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silver drift

boy, you guys must think that I talk a lot.  thats because....I do! :)      
do you know anything about Silver drift.  He was a stallion...I think...all I 
really know is that my old horse Mister Drifter (cool name, huh?) (almost 
1500 miles, only 25 with me as his rider!) (I know, 1500 miles isn't a lot 
for you people who ride 1500 a year but it is a lot to me) 
anyways, I hear it is what made Drifter look like a quarter horse (yup, 
everyone thought he was a quarterhorse/thoroughbred/maybe some arab.
I really like the way he looks though his hind end was a little odd but he 
got the job done. :)  I don't know if this trait is from Silver Drift so we 
won't worry about that for now:)  
Okay, so back to the question...does anyone know anything about silver drift?
if you do know anything about him or know of any of his grandkids (or other 
relatives) are around or for sale...whatever...please let me know, 
thank you-Renee

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