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Re: RC: I took a licken and kept a ticken


The trick is <not> how you feel at the time of the accident and the
ambulance ride, but whether you will feel ANYTHING if they didn't use
the backboards & straps.

I had a similar fall to yours - my mare stepped in a woodland critter's
tunnel at a gallop and flipped over on me.  I DID NOT fall off my
horse.  She & I went down together.  Mike said that I took "captain of
the ship" too far that day.  I have a vague recollection of the front
end of my horse doing a head stand, then a LOT of weight on top of me. 
All else is lost for that day.   

We were so far away from a phone he simply took me in the truck to the
nearest hospital.  He tells me that it was amazing how fast the strapped
me down with a collar & took me to  CAT Scan.  As I drifted in & out of
consciousness, Mike said I heard "C-Spine is Clear" and ripped off the
$%#^@#& neck collar!  A horse trailer in the Emergency Room's driveway
was a novelty for the staff there.  Everyone took their breaks feeding
apples to the horses.  (Thankfully, Rosie was fine by the time I was
well enough to get to the barn to see her.)

I'll take a backboard, c collar, and ambiulance ride any day over being
permanently out of commission... paralyzed or worse!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV wrote:
> A 30 mile trip in "an ambulance on one of those wooden boards with your head
> strapped down" was probably the most miserable trip I've ever taken anywhere!
>  Back in 1987, I had a horse flip over backwards and squash me .... four
> broken ribs, etc.  Why don't they make ambulances comfortable?  Wouldn't
> someone think some comfort might help the injured party?

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