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Re: more jobs

Renee, if you are a vegetarian, I strongly suggest you stay away from a
livestock situation such as dairy cows. When things happen to them, they
have to be disposed of too, they don't milk forever. I'd stick to truck
patches or something like that. And you can't just bury a cow, there are
laws against that now, and it isn't cheap to have them hauled away. I grew
up dairying, i know. it's not for the sensitive. Probably why I don't do it
anymore. Besides it pays nothing, and is tons of work, all day long, and
there are NO vacations when those cows need to be milked twice a day! No one
wants to sub chores for you in that situation! <VBG>

Helga Loncosky
Archival Morgan Record
Beacon Morgan Horses, Ltd.
No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me.
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Date: Saturday, January 22, 2000 12:31 PM
Subject: RC: more jobs

>hi, I was thinking...what about having a dairy farm or something like that.
>I'm a vegetarian soooooooooo, would that be wrong?  Dairy is just milking
>them right?
>Or maybe a catalog like sportack or long riders gear.  Just got to think of
>catchy name...any ideas?  :) :)
>I know its not your job to plan my life but you guys are so helpful and I
>don't know how I lived with out ridecamp. My endurance friends are probably
>so sick of me talking  about endurance endurance endurance.  they love the
>sport but they have lots of other stuff to do to.  Me, its just school --->
>think about endurance
>school---> think about endurance :)
>At the local jc, there is a horse class that you can take (horse husbandry)
>you have to supply your own horse...sounds fun to me!!! If you have to have
>horse, you must be riding, right?  Of course, the catalog said that they
>teach you how to pick out horses and see if they're sound, beginning stuff,
>would get an "A" in that class
>:) anyways, keep talking out there!!!!
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