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Re: RC: horse jobs

In a message dated 1/21/00 11:12:33 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I personally do not know of
 anyone in the business who does not supplement their breeding business
 with outside income. Am I wrong here, breeders? >>

No, you are right on.  It's nice when the horses offset a good portion of 
their expenses, but "breeding" is a life-long commitment to a program, not a 
way to make a living.  There are some folks who I call "producers" rather 
than "breeders," and if they are lucky and follow the fads, sometimes they 
make a profit.  But fads change, and then they are stuck "dumping" what they 
have--sometimes a difficult task when horses were produced simply because 
they were the grandget of "Ibn Famous" and not because anyone paid any 
attention to their innate qualities.

My advice?  Make money doing something else.  If you are sufficiently 
talented to eventually make money with horses, that's nice, but don't bet on 


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