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Re: RC: I took a licken and kept a ticken

In a message dated 1/21/00 3:32:57 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I hobble when I walk, I shake like a small dog in a 
 vets office cause I hurt. Someone has to help me take a shower. If I get up 
 to go to the bathroom at nite It takes 10 minutes to roll myslef out of bed. 
 I am sooooo tired!!! I can't pet my horse for to long because my arms hurt. 
 When I walk I look like Bob Dole because my arm doesn't wanna funtion to 
 well. >>

Carla -- I'm glad you're ok and that you've joined the converted on the 
helmet issue (better late than never :).  Hey, how was Ansata and what 
happened to her?  (I can't help it, I'm one of those people who watches 
Westerns and worries about the horses -- fuggedabout the people who are being 
rolled, shot, jumped on and diving off the roof of the saloon -- as long as 
they don't land on a horse.)  Hope she came through this ok too.  BTW, I 
prefer reins that are all one piece -- just for this reason.  Take care of 
your boo-boos :))


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