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Alpine ride (NW region)

Thank you everyone who responded to my question. I think I
answered each of you back individually, but wasn't sure. It
sounds like a great ride! (Like any are truly bad! :)
Thanks again, if you're from the NW region and going to
this ride, look me up. Lots of purple and our faithful
collie dog with us. (Please don't let me start a "new" dog
thread!!!!!!! VBG:) Planning on our 1st 75 there I think!

Heidi & Mighte El Donte (What? 75? I thought you were nuts
putting my in all that purple crap, now this?!!!)

       o o          o o
     o_ \ \____   o_ \_\
        /              \
        \______/       /
          \_______/\  /-
      o-- /_/       \  /
         / \       / /
        o  o    o-- /
                  / \
                 o   o

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