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So, Your husband thinks HE'S got it bad?

In a message dated 1/21/00 3:18:43 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Huh, that's easy. Your husband, (because he's so handsome, loving and 
 wonderfully patient that he's allowed you to go to all the rides,)  >>

LOL!  As I was reading this post, my husband called me.  He called me from 
the plane that he's taking to a business meeting.  When I first picked up the 
phone all I could hear was wild male laughing on the other end.  I was just 
about ready to hang up on the obscene phone caller when he caught his breath. 
It was my husband (Doug) he told me that he was sitting on the plane with his 
business partner and his partner was thumbing though a People magazine (I'm 
sure he was doing this on the sly because serious business men wouldn't be 
caught dead reading People).  When his partner (Jim) just starts laughing 
hysterically and hands Doug an article to read.  Well, this article describes 
a couple who live with their horse.  I don't mean the horse lives outside and 
they live in a house.  They all live TOGETHER.  The horse even eats off of  
the table with them.  As my husband is relaying this information to me, I'm 
trying hard to think of a way to turn this piece of information to my 
advantage.  Jim beat me to it and pointed out how lucky Doug was that our 
horses didn't live INSIDE with us.  Doug said its one of those experiences 
that just makes you glad for your wife (even if she is slightly crazy) and 
your nice home that doesn't have horse manure inside of it (all around the 
outside, yes, but not inside).  So, if any of you wives have husbands who 
aren't understanding your horse a copy of People magazine 
and leave that article laying somewhere where he can see it.

Sylvia (I wonder how many martinis they had??) (& off to buy a People 

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