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RC: Weight Division Points

But in a 3rd scenario a rider can win a large ride and not get any bonus 
weight division points if no other riders in that WD show up. While in a 
fourth scenario 4 out of 5 riders in that same WD can all get more bonus 
points than the rider in scenario 3 &  all might be riding a "leisurely 
pace". Not "fair" either, especially if you're comparing the speed at 
different rides as some sort of standard. (Not that that makes good sense 
either.) The number of competitors a person has (or doesn't have) doesn't 
necessarily indicate the level of their performance.
As far as Juniors are concerned, they are different than the other divisions 
because they must rely on a sponsor to stay with them. A Junior's 
performance is sometimes based on how well they choose a sponsor. I believe 
they were separated out of starting & placements as a safety issue, no one 
gains by passing a junior. Although for matters of what constitutes a "full" 
junior ride, I would imagine it's the low # of Junior riders that brought 
this about. If that is the case, are we going to evaluate each weight 
division? They are not distributed equally either.
I'd still like to see someone run some actual numbers on this before it's 
rushed to a change.
Nancy Mitts

>Subject: RC:  Weight Division Points
>Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 10:41:10 -0700
>The issue boils down to fairness - some weight division riders have to
>compete solely against those in their own wgt division to get their
>points and some wgt division riders get to count the entire field to
>calculate their weight division points - without competing against anyone
>else in the ride  - because they are the only one in their wgt
>division... this can and does occur at rides in the same region.  This is
>not unique to any one region as it happens in all rules
>are broken......but it is not fair.
>I am not saying keep it at 11 riders to get full points.   Maybe we
>should make it the same, or a similar formula, as Junior Points which
>requires 6 Juniors to get full points. AERC definitely separates the
>Junior Division from the other divisions yet, only sometime separates the
>divisions.  Is there a difference between the Junior
>Division and the four Senior Divisions?  If you argue that Juniors are a
>different category and it is not fair for them to use the total number of
>  starters to calculate their points, then why is it sometimes fair to use
>the total
>number of starters to calculate points for the wgt divisions - and at
>other times only use the total number of same wgt division starters?
>In the 1st scenario the wgt division rider need only complete the ride to
>get bonus the 2nd scenario the wgt division rider must
>finish ahead of other same wgt division riders to get bonus points.  one
>rider can ride at their own leisurely pace and get maximum bonus points
>while the second rider must compete against and finish ahead of other
>riders to get maximum bonus points.. Is this Fair?  Is this even close to
>a level playing field?
>To put it simply, sometimes we are judging apples to apples - and
>sometimes when there are not enough apples....  we judge apples to
>oranges.  Sure, they are both fruits but I believe everyone would agree
>that they are very different and should only be compared in the sense
>they are both fruits -  Apples to Oranges is a  comparison that makes for
>Overall Placing.  Apples to Apples is same division placing.
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