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RC: Stallion behavior

>Aren't we talking about the same critters here that can feel a fly
>on their coats? The same ones whose backs are so sensitive that a well
>buried screw can cause white hair to grow?

The same critters who bite and kick the SNOT out of EACH OTHER?
Especially when jockeying for position on the "herd ladder." A wiffle
bat never drew blood from me.

I've seen and handled some especially nice stallions (not mine! my
friend's) and know why they came to be that way. Horses have a
tremendous sense for right and wrong, just and unjust. If handled
correctly from day one and shown right from wrong, they KNOW when
they're being bad. The volume of the communication must at least equal
the severity of the infraction.

My friend's stallions came to be such nice horses because she's liberal
with praise and positive communication AND because she doesn't unjustly
apply a whip to their hides. But there have been those occasions....

She also has a bottle raised orphan stud. Has similar issues with him as
Dr. Heidi described with her orphan.

I guess the key is the handling from day one. Your boy sounds like he
was never shown right from wrong early on or was punished unjustly by
his former owners. You've obviously determined how best to communicate
with him.


BTW, Teddy's Raider is a lovely boy who obviously ADORES her. Bring him
to more rides, Teddy!

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