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RC: Stallion behavior

all I know is it works...A stud place is to always try to dominate, my place 
as the lead is to quinch that in a hurry as a dominate stud in a herd would 
do...A dominate herd stud would use much more brute force than 3 licks with a 
whip, he would use hoofs and teeth to keep the others in line.  I know that 
my stud is well behaved...comes when I call...when I walk out in the pasture 
he runs up to me and follows me around like a fact all my horses 
do...I can walk out with a bridle and saddle and they still come up to me 
(I've done this)  I do all maintance including shots, worming and brushing 
with the horses standing halter or lead...I doctor boo boos that 
way too...I have had to harshly repremand horses on occasion
but they know their boundries and they are happy and healthy. I don't use 
stud chains, twitches or ears to control, I use training. I have found you 
ned to observe horses in the wild and use the same methods they use in the 
wild...when one gets out of line the response is strong and swift...then it 
is forgotten... I have had 15 wild mustangs over the years, worked with the 
BLM giving classes on gentling them...never had a problem.  I use the Lyons 
1. You can't get hurt
2. the horse can't get hurt
3. the horse has to be calmer after the lesson than before

in closing...a biting horse be it mare gelding or stallion is a danger to 
everone around them.  A horse can crush your shoulder before you know your 
even being bit.  I hate to hit or repremand my horses in any way...but there 
has to be boundries...and it has to be done in a way that the horse 
understands...once again a herd situtation...

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