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RC: Halter Classes/Abuse

Okay, so this is not even remotely related to endurance, but I can't
help but share my story.  I can't say anything about the Arab shows,
but I can attest that sometimes the best horse wins.

     My Appaloosa and I won against some "big boys" on our local show
     circuit.  Okay, I know that it isn't a big, name recognized, national
     show, but the competition around here for the halter classes is fierce
     - the state show is considered pretty big stuff in these parts and you
     have to win the locals to go to state.

     Anyway, I was up against horses who were clipped, greased, hooves
     shined and polished all over.  I did give Zane's "mohawk" a trim, he
     got a bath with Quick Color shampoo, his tail was brushed out, but
     other than that I did nada.  Even with two huge bite marks on one
     side, we won the class.

     What killed me was all of the grumbling I heard from the owners of the
     other horses after the show.  What made it all worth it was a little
     girl deciding to enter her pony in the next halter class because the
     "fuzzy horse won."  :)

     Kenzie & Zane (fuzzy wuzzy)
     Birmingham, AL

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Subject: RC: Fwd: RC: Stallion behavior whipping and Sporthorse cl...
Author:  "C.M.Newell" <>
Date:    1/18/00 2:47 PM

     There is another alternative. Take your own well mannered, clean and
groomed horse into the class yourself. If  the judeges were presented with
a handful of "pros" with quivering greased up nervous wrecks, and a dozen
clean, happy, well conformed horses, they might  just pin the best horse.
Remember, they can only judge what's presented to them.
     It might not be worth the bother if you're not already at the show, but
anyone who is there for the sporthorse classes might go to the minor effort.
If not for the judges, how about for the people in the stands?

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