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RC: stock-type or enclosed w/ drop-down windows

I am about to buy a new trailer (and I'm quite excited about the prospect
<vbg>).  I am planning to buy a two-horse, gooseneck, slant-load.  I am
debating between a stock-type trailer (I would add a divider), with
plexiglass inserts on the head side of the trailer to use in really bad
weather, or an enclosed trailer with drop-down windows.  As far as I know
so far, the advantage of the stock-type is that they are a little less
expensive and they are well-ventilated.  The enclosed trailer has the
advantages that you can feed and water without taking the horses out and
you can really close the trailer up.  Since I live in northern CA, I assume
I woould only do this when the horses were not in the trailer, and I just
wanted to keep the elements out.  Are there other considerations I should
be thinking of?


Suzanne Mounts

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