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RC: zilco tack


I had a Zilco harness when I was involved in driving my mare.  Quality and
durability were excellent. The driving reins were the most comfortable, effective
non-slip reins I've ever found.
I, too, just saw the ad for their riding equipment and am awaiting a catalogue.
The product is expensive, but is different from "regular" biothane--one plus is
that it does not stiffen in cold weather.

Happy Trails,

N. Fla. wrote:

> Hi, I am interested in information on the new Zilco tack.  I saw it at some
> booths at Tevis but I thought it was just some form of biothane. I now know
> it is NOT biothane but I am still curious to find out what it is and if it is
> any good.  I noticed it is sort of pricey so that makes me think it is good
> quality...but you never know.  Does anyone out there have any experience with
> it?
> *also, this is my first week as a ridecamper and I just have to say that I
> think it is really cool to get 75 or more e-mails a day...all about
> endurance....I am obsessed so this is just the thing I need now that it is
> winter time.  :)
> thanks everyone and keep writing!!!
> from, Renee

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