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RC: Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #31

In a message dated 01/18/2000 11:23:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< ammy brings up an excellent point!  I have always advised against using 
 voice commands with horses for the same reason.  Opinions?  Lif

If I remember correctly, the clicker training initially began with 
dogs....and parrots! Why is it not possible, then, to first clicker train a 
horse with the clicker, and then fold hand signals into the routine, then 
eventually drop the clicker all together? Then you'd have a horse who 
responds to all three..voice, clicker and hand signals!
YOUR hand signals will mean only one thing to your horse, and not the horse 
standing next to him.

 As a teenager, I obedience trained our dogs (and other people's dogs for the 
money) and I taught them all to respond to hand signals. After awhile, once 
they understand, a hand signal is better than  a voice, because, if it's 
emphasized ""loudly"" enough, the dog could see a hand signal from as far as 
half a mile away, whereas the voice command wouldn't carry.
I've seen Border Collies being worked by whistles...but I could never whistle 
very well....


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