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RC: Clicker Training

I clicker train my dogs, and my horse is trained with the bridge of "good" as 
opposed to the clicker, mainly because it's hard to click and ride at the 
same time.  I have never had a problem with my dogs not knowing who's clicker 
to pay attention to.  Each clicker has it's own distinct tone...maybe not to 
you, but to the dog or the horse.  Alpine knows what "good" means and 
When i wos working on basic dressage with him, he would start to collect, I'd 
say "good" and he would do better.   the clicker/training is a great tool to 
have in your bag!  We are also using it for clipping ears (he hates that.)  
We are now at a point where I can clip his left ear without a struggle, and 
his right ear after a few minutes.   Much easier than some of the alternate 
methods I've heard....

juli and Alpine

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