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RC: I give up!

Denise Jenkins
What I mean to say is I am willing to take the majority advise and
sell Cayenne to someone that can handle him and enjoy what I know
he has to offer.  It's hard to admit I am not willing to do the
work necessary to get Cayenne to a place where I can be comfortable
with him, and, that might never happen either.  I agree with Angie
on the match thing.  I was green, he was green. I want to ride
endurance but I need to find a match and I don't even plan on 
looking because I am not in the right state of mind.  Maybe I will
find someone who has horses that need riding that are broke in and
I can also atleast crew for some people.  Now it will be interesting
to see if I can find a buyer.  Thank you to all that wrote so many
nice letters to help me out:)  Anyway, if there is anyone in the
area that wants to take a look at Cayenne I keep him near Mulino
Oregon.  He is 12, Chestnut, 14 2, about 850(just guessing).  He
is out of Nabiel if anyone is interested and we got along pretty
darn good until I got this pacemaker.  He hasn't been worked with
much in 3 years.  He knows his commands but he has to have 
someone that can handle him and bring him back to where he was 
and better! I don't know how good(fast)he'll be in Endurance but
I know he loved being out on the trail.  My home number is 503-266-4687
and I will make someone a reasonable deal.  Who knows, maybe even
a trade might work.  I don't know.  Denise

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