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RC: Re: Stallion behavior

Egypt hardly ever gelds anything, and many riders prefer stallions for their
strength and showiness. Probably 60% of our stable is stallions and most of
them are very well behaved in boxes, paddocks and under saddle even in close
proximity to mares. I have two young colts myself (2+ yrs and 11 months) who
probably won't be gelded unless it's absolutely necessary. As far as I've
seen you can probably tell who can train stallions by looking at the
behaviour of their teenage sons. The best stallions get treated with the
same kind of discipline and respect that you would have for a boy who is
going to grow up into a man with the full capability of killing someone or
siring young. Just as there's no question in my house who is Mom or alpha
dog, there is no question at the stable who is the boss mare. My boys are
all just fine thank you. (Though, every now and then I forget and my husband
does complain a wee bit!!)

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

> I suppose (despite being a breeder) I have a bee in my bonnet about
> stallions because there are so many at all levels in endurance in France.
> No-one gelds their colts because they're worth more entire and there are
> lots of owner/riders who campaign a stallion in endurance in hopes of
> some money on the side covering mares.  Often these horses have little
> for them in terms of performance or genetic capability.
> Its not uncommon in France on a 60kms ride to find 15-20 stallions
> competing.  A lot of these horses are not very well behaved and there are
> lots of accidents waiting to happen.

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