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RC: Stallion behavior

With all due respect to Teddy,  we've never had to beat (or even strike) 
Nasrif to have him respect us, nor have we had to do that with his coming 3 
year old son Koko.  Nasrif *had* had the tar whipped out of him before we 
got him, and we got him partly because he behaved so poorly.  So for some 
horses (in my personal opinion, all horses) the whip is not the answer.

Teddy's right, though - a stallion that doesn't behave in public is a 
gelding waiting to happen.  Get yours trained fast or get the vet to visit 
- and even that might not fix the problem, because once a stallion's 
learned a behavior, it doesn't necessarily just disappear when the hormones 
do.  Lif

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