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RC: Neoprene in Winter

Gee Angie, we use oil (a synthetic silicone based ) in manufacturing
stuff..including neoprene and never had any problems...maybe your stuff is
the SBR?

The REAL neoprene should be tough..afterall, they make wetsuits out of


Rides 2 Far wrote:

> Just don't ever try to put any sort of oil or vasaline on it.  That will
> destroy it.  That's the biggest mistake I've seen people make.  Not sure
> about the cold, but I doubt it will be that big of a deal.  If your face
> survives it, surely neoprene will.
> Angie
> On Sun, 16 Jan 2000 16:10:20 -0700 "Freedom, T'Lara"
> <> writes:
> >I spent a lot of money on a neoprene breast collar and crupper from
> >Ortho-Flex and now I'm scared to use it in case it cracks in the cold.
> >
> >My tack room is unheated, as well.
> >
> >In Calgary it will occasionally go down to -40 degrees Celsius, but
> >-20 or
> >-30 is more common.
> >
> >I've also sent e-mail to Ortho-Flex about this, but no response yet.
> >Besides, I'd like response from those who use it, in favour of those
> >who
> >sell it :)
> >
> >Any thoughts?
> >
> >T'Lara J. Freedom
> >Calgary, AB
> >Canada
> >Tel: 403-298-2448
> >
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