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RC: industrial sewing machine

Okay, I've had it (fume emoticon) trying to shop for oddball sized/shaped
tack and clothing...gonna try making some of my own design.  I will, that
is, if I can find a serviceable machine/s upon which to sew the stuff.  Need
something that will sew nylon webbing, neoprene, canvas, fleece, maybe
leather, and sew forth.   I know the new ones are the price of a decent
trail horse, but I've seen machines at liquidation sales (sewing factories
are dying all around these mountains as business heads south of the border)
for around $400.   Any suggestions where to shop for a good used machine,
and likely prices?  Any other useful info, such as reputable companies
selling materials including patterns, fabric, thread, hardware, neoprene,
pop riveters, grommets and so forth?  I'll cybersurf anyway, but want the RC
imprimatur ahead of time.



Sally Spangler
Stepnout Farm
Floyd, VA

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