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RC: Re: aussie saddles

Heidi, you have to be very careful with aussie saddles made outside of
Australia.  The saddle may be made from Indian (country) leather, which is
tanned with urine, and which will ALWAYS smell bad.  I have had aussie
saddles since 1983 and currently have 3 Syd Hills.   IMHO, you would be
better off buying a used Syd Hill in good condition than a new
non-aussie-made saddle.  If you want further information about the various
types, check out Australian Connection, which is listed in the vendors on

Joan Dowis

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From: Heidi Christensen <>
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Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2000 5:01 PM
Subject: RC: aussie saddles

> Hi
> As I continue my saddle search,  I have been looking at aussie saddles
> which I like very much.  But my budget doesn't allow for a australian
> made saddle, I was looking at the kimberly campdraft and the kimberly
> poley which are asian made copies, does anyone on this list have any
> experience with these saddles?  Thanks for any help.  Heidi

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