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In a message dated 1/13/00 6:09:11 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

 On the subject of trial manners (bad manners) if I'm on a ride and someone 
 puts me in jeopardy I make sure I see their number and turn them in at the 
 next vet check.  This goes for the riders who like to cut trail too.  We all 
 should feel safe when we are doing a ride.  As for LD'rs being "rude" I have 
 seen MANY 50's + be very rude and cause problems and couldn't care less 
 what they leave behind!  Let's STOP giving the LD's a bad rap!  As with any 
sport there will be those who don't give a rats rear about anyone but 
 We all need to take stock of our manners, on the trail and off.

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