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RC: Re: RC:slant load vs straight load

As long as the dividers are secure there really wouldn't be much if any 
difference. There are a couple problems with loose horses in trailers. When 
horses ride quietly there might not be a problem. If they got to moving 
around to much at the wrong time it could interfere with the control of the 
In a wreck you'd have 1000 lb loose missles flying the entire open 
length.(Unless there were enough horses to prevent a lot of movement.)
Nancy Mitts

>From: Laney Humphrey <>
>To: Freezin <>
>Subject: RC:  Re: RC:slant load vs straight load
>Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 09:38:43 -0800
>Has anyone ever tried securing the partitions in a slant load then just
>letting the horses ride without being tied the way a lot of western horses
>ride in stock trailers?

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