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> From: Dyane Smith <>
> Subject: RC:  BRAND INSPECTION IN CAL.  (long)
> Date: Sunday, January 16, 2000 11:32 AM
>     Of course, the other thing that could happen is that the horse gets
> on your property.  Legally, you're not liable, but ethically, can you
> a horse die, because you don't have to call the vet.  And, even if you
> would he, legally, be able to treat it?
Yes, legally the vet can treat the animal.  But without the consent of the
owner, he cannot require the owner to pay the bill  (i.e. in regards to
theft of services and the penal code...........civilly, the vet can demand
payment and the owner can sue etc, etc. and so on).  There are other
factors too, but that's a basic answer.

I also live in a very dark place and had trouble with holding a flashlight.
 I got a mountaineering/hiking/climbing light.  Like the old miner used to
wear on their heads.  They are compact and easy to use.  Slips over your
head on elastic bands and keeps your hands free.  Scared two of my horses
the first few times I wore it (the third looked at me like I was a dork and
kept eating), but they're used to it now.  Mine cost about $25.00 in the
mountain shop...........then a week later I found one for 10 in a sporting
goods store.

>Abigail Madden & Rosko<<<Mama, what's that thing on your head?


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