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Re: RC: Re: Feeding During an Endruance Ride

In actual measurements, how much protein is too much?  According to my copy of
NRH 5th Edition and the cute little Pascal program that came with it, Roo should
be eating 1.6 lbs. of protein in his diet, He's getting 2.2 lbs. This is about
140% of the recommended.

Yes, I admit to being extremely anal about his diet.  My feed room has three
scales, one for hay, one for feed, and a tiny kitchen scale for weighing
supplements.  I track body weight, shots, wormings, farrier, etc. by computer
and have a huge calendar that records every training ride, distance, time,
temperature, humidity, such.  What can I say, I'm a computer geek who
occassionally finds time to ride!


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