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RE: Endurance News

>>And when you look at Steph's picture..

And of course this is how Khruschev and I look at the end of
a 100 mile ride :)

I have to share this poem that a friend wrote - it's sweet and
corny and fun. (Gold Hill is the mountain behind our house -
and the 'author's name is Ann).

Gold Hill Woman
By Annonymous & Friends

I think that I shall never see
A rider swift as our Stephie

A gal whose lower legs are prest
'Round Khruschev's more than willing chest

Across the Hill of Gold she wings
She has no time for other things!

And on that Hill of Gold they train
No matter weather - wind or rain

Endurance is the race to run
On Krusty's back it can be done

This horse that may in Paris fair
Be Number One without a care

Bad poems are made by fools like me
But Steph is on USET!

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