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Re: RC: Reactorpanel saddle

In a message dated 7/17/00 7:50:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

 Not wishing to annoy or upset anyone over this saddle but I bought one about
 a year and a half ago and rode in it for about 9 months. My horse eventually
 got terrible rubs/pressure points the exact shape of the discs that fit
 between the panel and the saddle.  >>


Far short of 'annoying' us, the idea of asking questions about products is to 
get honest feedback from a variety of users - not just to provide on line 
commercials.  Thanks for sharing your experience.

pat farmer

p.s. sounds like you might consider posting your RP saddle on the classifieds 
section - I'm sure lots of folks would be interested in a used one - there 
aren't many available since this saddle is relatively new on the  market.

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