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Re: RC: Tevis Weather

> I tell yall what... you want to get your horses ready for the heat... 
> come on 

Interesting scenario here today. I went out and walked 3 miles at 6:30
AM, and worked up a good sweat, it was really muggy. I got Kaboot out at
8:30 AM and rode for one hour.  He was really in the mood to rip and I
let him.  He sprinted some hills, did the neighbor's low jump course
through the woods, (AKK! a spider web plastered to my face while clearing
a jump at 90 mph!) and did some fast trotting for about 45 minutes (all
his idea, I was practicing trying to use my seat to help slow him down)
He felt pretty hot to the touch (humidity is oppressive and it was 95
degrees by noon) Anyway, there's a ridge right behind the house that he
likes to really open up on, then we're practically at the house...not
much of a cool down if I let him run it.  He went up wide open, then we
came down and stripped tack and I thought I'd walk him by hand.  He was
REALLY blowing then, and REALLY hot to the touch  I ended up alternately
hosing (cold water spraying on back, HOT water dripping off his belly).
and walking and he blew, then panted for awhile.  However, it seemed that
only the sprints made him hot. Tonight I went out and rode a bike 6 miles
with hills, 4 of that on gravel (a little tougher).  I was not hot AT
ALL...until I stopped. Then I really felt the heat in my face.  I had
theorized before that the breeze on the horse helps a lot, even though
he's having to work to create it. I've often noticed slower horses
looking much hotter than faster ones.  Now I've got to figure out the
happy medium....

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