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Re: Discrete Inquiry

>  Is it me - am I the only one rather offended and irritated not only at
>  weird sort of post but by the (herein) insinuation that most of us are
>  serious.....geuine...dedicated.....SMART? Well, I don't know about the
>  of you guys, but I say ti, knock it off - you are reachign into the
> of
>  offensive and arrogant, not to mention really rude.
>  s >>

If I were of the age and weight to qualify as an ex rider, personally, I'd
throw myself at the door for this kind of opportunity.  Education doesn't
come cheap and the best isn't always available out of books.

Tom and I like knocking our heads together sometimes for fun, but I've never
regretted being Too Damn Tall until now.

Susan G

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