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Re: RC: international end

 n a message dated 05/20/2000 7:15:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
 << all the stuff you read, is about the biggys, or the
  campaigners, who have $$$$,s and many horses. not to mention time. >>
 It does seem like the above sometimes, I'm sure.  And a few of the top 
riders who show up in the articles so frequently do meet this description.  
But just as many, me included, who have ridden internationally and/or 
achieved media recognition are not rich, don't have a stable full of horses 
or helpers, and are also short on that precious commodity--time.  I do all my 
own riding and all the training and dirty work, too.  There are many others 
in the same boat.  
 International riding is just another goal for some.  I've never understood 
why those who don't want to participate get so riled up about those that do.  
There is room for all different interests and goals in this sport.  And when 
it comes to who gets noticed in the media...well, you have to be a winner or 
controversial to get the attention of the media.  That's just the way life 
is.  Winning is simply more interesting to the masses.
 One more thing...I second what Heidi said about fluid replacement in 
international competition.  I have competed in quite a few international 
races, both in this country and elsewhere.  The standards are much stricter 
when it comes to determining "fit to continue" criteria.  Horses are pulled 
for very slight lamenesses that would be passed as Grade 1 or 2 in an AERC 
competition.  The vets are extremely careful and thorough and offer 
absolutely no benefit of the doubt.  And fluids have NEVER been allowed 
during competition.  They are only used with a horse who is in danger and out 
of the race, just like in AERC competition.   

Debi Gordon

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