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Re: Weird stirrup wear

I had the same problem, but because Meshack tried to
roll with the saddle on.  I bent it back to shape and it's 
been ok ever since.

I would suspect you bumped it on a tree or something.

John and Meshack (Vermont Equestrian Activities) 
Secretary/Treasurer Vermont Arabian Horse Association

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From: Rides 2 Far <>
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Date: Monday, May 15, 2000 5:02 PM
Subject: RC: Weird stirrup wear

>Hey guys,
>Lately, when I ride I've been having trouble keeping my right foot
>comfortable in the stirrup.  I thought I was having trouble keeping my
>stirrup leathers turned (weird after TONS of miles on this set).  Then I
>thought the buckle was slipping (clamp type buckles on *really* worn out
>biothane leathers).  It bothered me a lot at Biltmore and I kept having
>to reach down and turn my stirrup and put my foot on the inside.  Got a
>MAJOR shin splint type pain during the ride. 
> Well...yesterday when it felt like it again and I got off to fix it,
>happened to look down at my stirrup and it is MAJOR WARPED!!!  I couldn't
>believe it.  I ride in E-Z ride aluminum stirrups with toe guards.  Love
>them.  I've had them  probably 6 years or so.  The left stirrup is a
>little bent, but the right one looks like it's been run over it's so
>warped.  The outside of the stirrup is WAY low.  I know I've put a lot of
>miles on them because my half chap rubbing against the edge of the
>stirrup has sharpened it like a knife on one side, but this really was a
>shock.  I'm 134 lbs. (just me, no saddle) and you'd think it could handle
>that without warping if heavyweights use them.  Anybody else had this
>problem?  I'll definately need new ones and they weren't cheap...$85. 
>Think they'd replace them?
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